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"La tua pelle. Il tuo biglietto da visita."
"Acne Addio: consigli pratici per conoscerla, affrontarla, guarirla." 
di Francesco Bruno 

A foreword is like an overture that tunes the reader into the book in front of him. Of course, the author of this new contribution on acne has written his own introductory lines for you and your families. As an outsider, I can only encourage you to read this innovative text. 
Dr. Francesco Bruno, is a very well known and respected specialist par excellence on acne. He writes with great authority on this subject based on decades of training and practical experience in Italy and elsewhere in Europe.

A committed physician who is highly respected by his medical colleagues and sufferers of acne alike, he openly shares his views on this common disease with you. He thoughtfully touches the heart and souls of his patients and their families.

Acne Addio: conoscerla, affrontarla, guarirla. 
You will like writing style, as he often draws on language used by his former patients to make complex medical issues easier to understand. He explains facts and sorts out beliefs or misconceptions in a way that is comprehensible to everyone. 
You will find answers for many of your questions in this book: How long will my disease last? What can the doctor do for me? What can I do to get better? How can cosmetics, delicacies, and food in general affect my condition? What about systemic drugs, like antibiotics and isotretinoin? Is there anything I should know about peels, sunlight, and tanning studios? And finally, what effect do my emotions have on my disease? 
After you have read this book you will have gained much practical information. Rest assured that Dr.Francesco Bruno is a mentor and reliable advisor for many of your questions about acne. 
Gerd Plewig, Munich, Spring 2013
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